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Zinc Tablets For Children in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985

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Health Review: Green World Zinc Tablet (For Children) Online In Pakistan

With Zinc Lactate As Its Main Ingredient, Green World Zinc Tablet (For Children) Provides An Effective Solution For Series Of Symptoms Such As Poor Appetite, Dietary Choosiness, Autism, Growth Retard, Adolescent Pimples And Acne, Weak Digestion, Compromised Immunity And Vulnerability To Infection Caused By Zinc Deficiency In Children.

Suitable For:

People With Insufficient Daily Intake Of Zinc
People With Digestive Problems And Poor Stomach Acid
People Taking Medications For Long Time
People Who Smoke Or Take Alcohol Excessively
Women On The Birth Control Pill Or On Hormone Replacement Therapy
Athletes Or People Who Are Physically Active
Children And Adult.

Recommended Use:

For Children.
1 Tablet Daily

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