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Women Care Gel in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Green World Woman Care Gel in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985

Price 2,000

Health Review: Green World Women Care Gel Online In Pakistan

The Bactericidal Gel For Intimate Hygiene Consists Of Carefully Selected Plant Extracts, Rich In Various Bactericidal Substances That Are Capable Of Completely Destroying Harmful Microbes, But Do Not Affect The Beneficial Bacteria Of The Vagina. In The Manufacture Of This Product, Patented Manufacturing Technology Is Used, Using The Newest American Gel Dosage System. The Shape Of The Dispenser Is Designed In Accordance With The Structure Of The Female Body, Smooth Texture And Comfortable Shape Provides An Easy Introduction, Which Greatly Enhances Bactericidal Effectiveness Of Herbs In Fighting Microbes. The Gel Does Not Affect The Action Of Other Medicines And Promotes The Growth Of Useful Cells And Tissues. The Main Function Of The Bactericidal Gel For The Intimate Hygiene Of The Company "Green World": Quickly And Effectively Rid The Woman Of Gynecological Diseases.

Ingredients :

Sophora Extract
Yellowish Extract
Motherwort Extract
Japanese Girchi Extract
Phellodendron Extract
Chinese Angelica Extract.

5 Disposable Syringes For 5 Grams.

Use :
Once A Day, In The Evening, Use One Syringe For Treatment. If Necessary, The Treatment Can Be Repeated In The Morning. Preventative Course 3-6 Days.

Purpose :
Thrush, Etc

Precautions :
A Preparation For Adults. Use During Pregnancy With Caution. Syringes Of Single Use. Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children.

The Bactericidal Gel For Intimate Hygiene Of The Company "Green World": It Is
Compatible With The Use Of Medicines, It Is Sensitive To Bacteria That Are Resistant To Medicines. It Is Able To Eliminate Bacteria That Failed To Eliminate Antibiotics; Distinguishes Useful Bacteria, Protects Lactobacilli, Supports The Growth Of Other Beneficial Bacteria; Protects The Acid Balance Of The Vagina, Reduces The Risk Of Recurrence; A Drug Of Rapid Action - Begins The Process Of Decay Of Pathogenic Microbes Already At 10 Seconds.

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