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Voox DD Soap in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Voox DD Soap in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985 

Price 1,800

Voox Dd Whitening Soap

The Soap Also Helps To Treat A Disease Called Melisma Which Causes Brown Patches On Your Skin. By Regular Use Of Voox Dd Soap Your Skin Will Be Patches Free And Beautiful Again!

The Active Ingredients Present In Voox Dd Soap Treats Aging Skin. Now You Don’t Have To Worry About The Wrinkles That Appear On Your Face, With The Regular Use Of Voox Dd Soap All Those Freckles And Wrinkles Will Be Vanished And You Skin Will Be Beautiful And Younger Looking Again.

Unlike Other Soaps Your Skin Will Not Get Dry And Dull By Using Voox Dd Soap. The Ingredients Present In Voox Dd Soap Will Keep It Hydrated And Moisturized. This Soap Can Be Used For Every Type Of Skin. The Soap Is Best For Sensitive Skin, Where No Other Soap Can Work On Voox Dd Soap Will Not Cause Any Harm To It And Turn It To A Beautiful Glowing Skin.

Original Voox Dd Soap Will Make Your Skin Brighter, Fresher And Free From Every Other Diseases.

Original Voox Dd Soap Will Also Control The Oil Content On Your Skin But It Doesn’t Make It Dry Like Other Sops. It Balances The Ph Of Your Skin In A Perfect Way.


Treats Melisma And Vanishes All Those Dark Spots On Skin.
Vanishes Acne Marks From Your Skin
Makes Skin Pores Smaller And Clean It From Inside.
Best For Sensitive Skin


Some Of The Active Ingredients Used In Voox Dd Soap Are:

Vitamin B12 Or Niacin: It Speed Up The Cell Metabolism And Slower The Aging Process Of Your Skin. It Also Reduces Skin Inflammation.
4 Butyl Resorcinol: This Organic Compound In Voox Dd Soap Is A Tyrosine Inhibitor That Treats Hyperpigmentation Of Skin. Also It Adds Radiance To The Skin.
Papaya Extract: It Removes Dead Skin Cells From The Skin And Unclog The Pores.

How To Use?

Rub Soap To Create Lather Than Apply It To Your Face. Massage Gently And Then Rinse Off With Luke Warm Water. For Best Results Use It Twice, Daily.

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