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Green World Protein Power in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985 

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Green World Protein Powder: Promote Growth And Development Of Human Body

Protein Is One Of The Most Important Nutritious Elements In Our Lives. All The Physiological Activities, Metabolism, The Growth Of Bones, The Formation Of Organs, The Renewal Of Human Tissues And The Energy Supplement, Cannot Be Carried Out And Completed Without The Involvement Of Protein. The Growth And Development Of Body, The Renewal Of Injured Tissues, The Metabolism, The Enzyme Formation, Immune System And Incretion, Vitality Maintenance And Decrepitude Postpone And Prolonging Life, All Are An Exception Without Protein

Characteristics And Benefits:

Promotes Growth And Development Of Human Body
Carries Out The Duties Specified By The Information Encoded In Genes
Constitutes Enzymes, Which Catalyse Chemical Reactions
Involved In The Process Of Cell Signalling And Signal Transaction
Structural Proteins Confer Stiffness And Rigidity To Otherwise-fluid Biological Components.

Green World Protein Powder Is Suitable For:

People In Status Of Malnutrition Such As Alcoholism
People At The Late Stage Of Wasting Diseases Such As Cancer, Aids, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Chronic Atrophic Gastritis, Malignant Thyrotoxicosis, Etc
Vegetarians Who Have Insufficient Intake Of Protein
Athletes Who Need To Build Muscles
People Who Are At Body Weight Control Program.

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