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Energy Tea in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Green World Energy Tea in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985

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Health Review: Green World Energy Tea Online In Pakistan

Feeling Rundown And Foggy On The Job? Does The Prospect Of An Afternoon’s Worth Of Housework Seem Unspeakably Grim? It’s Time For A Break To Refresh And Boost Your Energy. Although You May Not Be Able To Take The Afternoon Off, You Can Surely Afford 10 Minutes To Recharge Yourself, No Matter How Hectic Your Life Might Be. A 10-minute Break With Green World Eneryg Tea Can Be Reinvigorating , Boost Energy And Mood.

Characteristics & Benefits:

Can Be Used As An Anti-oxidant, Anti-fatigue And Increase Endurance.
Colon Cleanse, Remove Toxins In The Body And Maintain The Cleanliness Of The Body.
Maintain A Balance Blood Sugar And Blood Fat In The Body.
Increase Stamina.
Prevent Cancer
Anti-inflammatory Effects

Suitable For:

People With Poor Immune Systems, Fatigue Or Recovering From Illness.
People Who Intend To Improve Immunity.
Patients With Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia And High Blood Sugar.
Businessmen,civil Servant And Factory Workers.

Caution :

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Pregnant Women Please Consult With A Doctor.

How To Use:

Put 1 Tea Bag In Hot Water, Let Stand For 5-10 Minutes, Can Be Brewed 2-3 Times A Day, 1-2 Bags Daily.

Ingredients :

Rhizoma Imperatae, Folium Notoginseng, Folium Mori, Green Tea, Etc.

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