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Compound Marrow Power in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Green World Compound Marrow Power in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985 

Price 5,000

Health Review: Green World Compound Marrow Powder Online in Pakistan

Compound Marrow Powder Eliminates The Bad Grease Elements In The Human Body. It Reserves The Intrinsic Function Of Marrow And Supply The Nutrition To Brains And Spinal Cords. It Represents The Characteristic Of Three Marrows Combined As One, Three Marrows Nourish Together, Recovers The Nutrition Disequilibrium Of Singular Marrow Products In Addition To The Various Nutritive Elements And Active Matters Contained In Compound Marrow Powder, It Also Contains High Concentrated Protein, Phosphate, Pollen, Organic Calcium, Vitamins And Microelements.

Characteristics And Benefits :

Natural Aging Process
Facial Expressions
Insufficient Nutrients Intake: Lack Of Vitamin A, C, E, D, Essential Fats, And Zinc Result In Various Skin Problems Including Skin Aging.

Suitable For:

People With Calcium Deficiency Or Osteoporosis
People With Bone And Joint Disorders Such As Arthritis
People With Comprised Immunity
People With Anemia

Ingredients : 

Spinal Marrow And Bone Marrow Of Tibet Yak
Protein Powder
Buckwheat Powder
Iron Zinc

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