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Handy Dolphin Massager in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Handy Dolphin Massager in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985 

Price 2,500

Product Features

The Dolphin Massager, A Powerful, Hand-held Massager With Three Attachment Options Designed To Stimulate Pressure Points And Relax Stiff Muscles And Nerves. The Result Is Instant Rejuvenation And Extreme Relaxation With Enhanced Blood Circulation. High Frequency Points Can Massage The Temples, And Other Brain Points To Eliminate Uncomfortable Feeling Of Drowsiness And Fatigue, Poor Memory And Appetite.

Product Description
✔ Stimulates Nerve Ends By Reflexology Therapy.
✔ Promotes Blood Circulation And Body Metabolism.
✔ Applicable For Physiotherapy Of All The Parts Of The Body
✔ Relaxes Muscles From Tiredness And The Pain Of Nerve
✔ With Speed Adjusting Function
✔ Two Massage Speed Adjustment For Your Selection.
✔ Streamlined Design, Light And Nice
✔ Dolphin Style Can Massage Every Part Of Our Body
✔ Reduces Pains Caused By Fatigue Or Rheumatism
✔ Eliminates Spasm In The Shoulder And Lower Back
✔ Relaxes The Muscles And Eliminates Pain Caused By Rigorous Sporting Activity

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Montalin Capsule in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Montalin Capsules in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985 

Price 4,000

Montalin Herbal Capsules Are Made Of Herbal Ingredients In Such Manner So As To Produce A Very Potent Herbal Capsules To Overcome The Interference In Our Body, Especially The Part Related To The Veins Of The Body. It Helps Overcome Body Ache, Muscle Pains, Gout, Rheuma And Various Types Of Other Similar Diseases. This Montalin Capsule Is Produced By Pj Air Honey With Registered Pom 053348358,  Also Produces Tonic Products With Various Types Of Herbs That Have Proven Efficacy.

1- Helps Overcome And Cure Gout And Rheumatic.
2- Helps Overcome Swollen Feet Swollen.
3- Helps To Destroy Blood Clots And Lowers Cholesterol.
4- Helps To Stabilize The Body's Hormones.
5- Helps Lower Cholesterol.
6- Helps To Treat Fever And  Bronchitis.
7- Boost Stamina And Endurance

1- Centella Asiatica Extract ........................ 35%
2- Extract Glaziosa Superbal ..................... 25%
3- Extract Minosa Pudical .......................... 15%
4- Extract Phyliantnus Urinalialinn ............. 10%
5- Extract Sonchus Arvesisi ...................... 10%
6- Other Herbal Extracts Its .......................... 100%

How To Use:

Chronic Treatment:
2 Times A Day, 2 Capsules

Mild Treatment/prevention:
2 Times A Day, 1 Capsule

Health Maintenance:
Once A Day For 3-5 Days

Packaging: 1 Box Contents 10 Sachets @ 4 Capsules

To Further Accelerate The Treatment Should Also Avoid Foods Such As Nuts (Peanuts, Soybeans, Etc), Meat Organs, Pumpkin Seeds. As We All Know, Any Form Of

Disease Is Largely Derived From The Food We Consumed So It Would Be Helpful Adjusting One's Diet In Order To Quickly Recover And Maintain A Health Body.

Important Notes: 

Avoid Foods Such As Nuts, Offal, Squash And A Shortage Of Drinking Coffee And Rokok.supaya Disease That You Suffer A Speedy Recovery.these Herbs Do Not Have

The Number, The Food & Drug Supervisory Agency (Bpom), Because It Contains Elements Of Chemicals, Drugs, (Dexamethasone, Enilbutason, And Paracetamol) About

20% ...... But Very Efficacious For The Disease You Are Suffering So Will Speedy Recovery .. Therefore Must Be Considered The Rules Of Use !!!!!

1. Treatment Of Chronic, Drink 2x A Day (2 Capsules)

2. Treatment Of Mild, Drink 3 Times A Day (1 Capsule)

3. Prevention: Drink 1 Time A Day (1 Capsule, Regular Consumption Every Day Until 1box (40 Capsules),

4. Maintain A Healthy, Drink 1 Time In 3 Days (1 Capsule)

5. Reproduction Of This Herbal Drink, For Patients With Renal And Hepatic Impairment

6. In The Event Of Allergic Symptoms Such As: Scourge Of Breath, Itchy Rash, And Dizziness After Taking Capsules Of This, Please Stopped, Because These Herbs

Are Not Suitable, The Possibility Of Drug Allergy, Although Efficacious Against The Disease That You Are Suffering.

7. If Already Drink More Than 1box, But Also No Change In The Disease You Are Suffering, Please Drink Herbal Halted .... !!!

8. There Should Not Consume These Herbs, In Large Numbers / Redundant, Maximal 20 Boxes, For Chronic. And Maximal 10 Boxes For Prevention. If The Redundant

Later Would Lead To Kidney Failure And Liver Disorders

9. Do Not Take Herbal Capsules Fake / Imitation And Consultation With The Parties Selling

Description Bko Effects Were Conceived, Among Others:
1. Dexamethasone Can Cause A Moon Face, Retention Of Fluids And Electrolytes, Hyperglycemia, Glaucoma (Increased Pressure Within The Eyeball), Growth

Disorders, Osteoporosis, Decreased Resistance To Infection, Myopathy (Muscle Weakness), Stomach, Hormone Disorders And Others.

2. Fenilbutason Can Cause Nausea, Vomiting, Skin Rash, Fluid And Electrolyte Retention (Edema), Stomach Bleeding, Stomach Pain, Bleeding Or Perforation,

Hypersensitivity Reactions, Hepatitis, Nephritis, Kidney Failure, Leukopenia, Aplastic Anemia, Agranulocytosis And So On Other.

3. Paracetamol In The Use Of Time Can Cause Disturbance / Damage To The Kidneys And Liver. 

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Everlong Tablets in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Everlong Tablets in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985 

Price 4,000

What Is Everlong Tablets?
Everlong Tablet Is Used For Premature Ejaculation And Other Conditions. Everlong Tablet May Also Be Used For Purposes Not Listed In This Medication Guide.

Everlong Tablet  Contains Dapoxetine As An Active Ingredient.
Everlong Tablet  Works By Inhibiting Serotonin Transporter To Delay Ejaculation.

Everlong Tablets Uses :
Everlong Tablet Is Used For The Treatment, Control, Prevention, & Improvement Of The Following Diseases, Conditions And Symptoms:
Premature Ejaculation

Everlong Tablet Side Effects
The Following Is A List Of Possible Side-effects That May Occur From All Constituting Ingredients Of Everlong Tablet. This Is Not A Comprehensive List. These Side-effects Are Possible, But Do Not Always Occur. Some Of The Side-effects May Be Rare But Serious. Consult Your Doctor If You Observe Any Of The Following Side-effects, Especially If They Do Not Go Away.
✔ Headache
✔ Nausea
✔ Dizziness
✔ Dry Mouth
✔ Diarrhea
✔ Insomnia

Everlong Tablets Precautions
Before Using Everlong Tablet, Inform Your Doctor About Your Current List Of Medications, Over The Counter Products (E.g. Vitamins, Herbal Supplements, Etc.), Allergies, Pre-existing Diseases, And Current Health Conditions (E.g. Pregnancy, Upcoming Surgery, Etc.). Some Health Conditions May Make You More Susceptible To The Side-effects Of The Drug. Take As Directed By Your Doctor Or Follow The Direction Printed On The Product Insert. Dosage Is Based On Your Condition. Tell Your Doctor If Your Condition Persists Or Worsens. Important Counseling Points Are Listed Below.
Av Block Or Sick Sinus Syndrome
✔ Heart Failure
✔ History Of Mania Or Severe Depression
✔ History Of Syncope
✔ Hypersensitivity To The Active Substance Or To Any Of The Excipients
✔ Ischemic Heart Disease
✔ Significant Valvular Disease

Interactions With Everlong Tablet
If You Use Other Drugs Or Over The Counter Products At The Same Time, The Effects Of Everlong Tablet May Change. This May Increase Your Risk For Side-effects Or Cause Your Drug Not To Work Properly. Tell Your Doctor About All The Drugs, Vitamins, And Herbal Supplements You Are Using, So That You Doctor Can Help You Prevent Or Manage Drug Interactions. Everlong Tablet May Interact With The Following Drugs And Products:
✔ Amprenavir
✔ Aprepitant
✔ Clarithromycin
✔ Diltiazem
✔ Erythromycin
✔ Fluconazole
✔ Fluoxetine
✔ Fosamprenavir
✔ Ketoconazole
✔ Selegiline

When Not To Use Everlong Tablet
Hypersensitivity To Everlong Tablet Is A Contraindication. In Addition, Everlong Tablet Should Not Be Used If You Have The Following Conditions:
Avoid Alcohol When Taking This Medicine
Do Not Take It, If You Are Taking Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors, Thioridazine, Lithium, Linezolid, Tryptophan, Tramadol
Do Not Take This Medicine More Than Once Every 24 Hours
If You Experience Reaction Due To Change In Posture On The Starting Dose
Take The Medicine 1 To 3 Hours Before Sexual Activity Is Anticipated
This Medicine Should Not Be Used By Men Under 18 Or Over 65 Years Of Age

Composition And Active Ingredients
Everlong Tablet Is Composed Of The Following Active Ingredients (Salts)

Everlong Tablets Reviews – Everlong Tablet Uses
The Most Commonly Reported Use Of This Medicine Is For ‘premature Ejaculation’.
9 Out Of 10 Users Report That This Medicine Is Effective.

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Beard Growth Oil in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Beard Growth Oil  in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985

Price 1,500

Original Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Available In Pakistan Produced By Disaar Trading Llc Dubai . There Are Several Beard And Moustache Oils Available In The Market But We Have Original Beard And Moustache Oil. You Can Also Use Them Externally To Enhance The Growth As They Provide All That One Needs To Grow And Keep A Beard And Moustache Soft.
This Oil Is Enriched With Multiple Natural Nourishing Ingredients That Infiltrate Into The Hair Follicle Roots, Repair And Activate The Dormant Hair Follicles, In-crease Nutrient Absorption And Accelerate Hair Growth.

The Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Also Has A Therapeutic Effect As The Essential Oils Used In It Are Derived From Roots, Peels, Flowers, Berries, Or Even Wood. When You Apply A Few Drops On Your Beard And Moustache , It Smells Really Good And Gives You More Confidence To Make Public Appearances.
Beard And Moustache Growth Essential Oils Is Formulated Keeping In Mind Those Who Are Looking To Increase Their Beard And Moustache Growth Permanent . Renew And Re-energise Your Facial Hair And Scalp Growth With Beard Growth Essential Oils, And Feel Like A New Man Today.
Work Function Of Beard Growth Oil
When Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Is Applied On The Hair Area, It Reaches The Hair Root And Softens Them From Within. Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Silky And Shining The Hair And Also Stops The Hair From Becoming Unmanageable. The Protective Coat Of Beard And Moustache Essential Oils Not Only Moisturizes The Skin But Also Gives It A Healthy Luster. Then You Feels Hydrated And Less Itchy Skin Throughout The Day.

Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Prevents Fungal And Bacterial Infections
The Skin Under The Beard And Moustache Is Usually Sensitive And Needs Extra Care. If Your Skin Is Prone To Fungal And Bacterial Infections, You Will Need To Use Beard And Moustache Oil That Can Reduce Inflammation And Treat The Infection. Sometime Due To Weather And Food Supplement Our Skin Become Dull, Dry And Itchy. If Your Skin Feels Too Dry, Experts Recommend That You Apply Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Two To Three Times A Day.

Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Fights Dry Skin And Beard Ruff
Beard And Moustache Fight Against The Mayhem Beard Dandruff Or Beard Ruff Can Create. Supplementing The Extra Hair Growth On Your Chin And The Skin With Beard And Moustache Essential Oil Helps In Fighting Dry Skin. It Keeps The Skin Feeling Smoother And Softer. It Also Promotes Cell Regeneration And Skin Revitalization.

Treats Eczema
Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Can Also Work From Within To Treat A Skin Condition Called Eczema. This Is A Chronic Skin Condition That Is Caused By Skin Inflammation. Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Containing Essential Oils Such As Rose Essential Oil, Fennel, Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Chamomile, Rose Geranium, And Lavender Can Help In Treating Eczema.

How To Use ?
Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Available In Pakistan Is Net : 30 Ml. Just Take A Few Drops On Your Palm And Massage It Throughout The Beard Using Your Fingers. If You Have A Long Beard, You May Keep A Small Comb To Run Through The Hair And Ensure That Every Hair Strand Is Coated With Oil.

Beard And Moustache Growth Oil Is Herbal Formulation Have No Any Side Effect Result Permanent. The Ingredints Used Are:
Zingiber Officinale Root Oil, Juniperus Virginiana Oil, Rosmarinus Officinails Leaf Oil, Vitamin W, Citrus Paradise Seed Oil.

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Fair Look Cream in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Fair Look Cream in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985 

Price 2,500

Indian Fair Look Cream in Pakistan - Fair Look Lotion in Pakistan

Fair Look Gold In Pakistan - Is An Ayurvedic Preparation For Fair And Beautiful Skin. Fair Look Is An Anti Marks Fairness Cream.the Younger Generation Is Facing An Array Of Skin Troubles And All That They Are Looking For Are Some Good Solutions To Their Problem. Beauty Is One Concept That Crosses Over The Mind Of Young And Old Always And Everybody Wants To Have That Perfect Look Irrespective Of Their Age And Appearance. One Of The Major Problems Of The Skin That Are Faced By People Is Related To Appearance Of Dark Patches And Spots On Their Faces And According To The Opinion Of The Experts, It Is Related To A Slow Procedure Of Skin Damage.

Fair Look Lotion in Pakistan

Fair Look Lotion in Pakistan - If You Are Facing A Similar Trouble,fair Look Cream Is The Best Face Whitening Cream For You. The Best Solution To The Above Mentioned Problem Is To Use Fair Look Cream So That The Results Are Achieved Within Time And You Are Able To Get The Perfect Look. Furthermore, You Should Also Try To Acquire Knowledge About The Possible Causes Of Sagging Or Patchy Skin. One Of The Most Significant Causes Of The Same That Has Been Identified By The Skin Experts Are Exposure To The Uv Rays Of The Sun.
Although, The Effects Are Not To Be Seen Immediately, The Results May Start Showing At A Later Age And You Might Develop Wrinkles At A Much Younger Age Than Expected. Fair Look Cream For Face Should Therefore Be Chosen With Care And Concern Particularly Because The Skin Starts To Age Along With The Physical Age And The Development Of Skin Cells Are Reduced To A Large Extent After A Certain Age.


Fair Look Cream - 100% Herbal - No Side Effects.
Fair Look Cream is a revolutionary product to get Fairer Looking Skin.
Get 10 Tones Fairer with Fair Look.
Helps Re-gain your Lost Confidence.
Your Purchase is covered with our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

How To Use Fair Look Cream :-

The First Step Is To Use Rose Water For Cleaning The Skin Of The Area Where You Want To Apply The Cream. Secondly, Grind Fresh Tomato Or Peel It, Mix Fair Look Cream Lotion In It And Apply It On Your Face And/or Exposed Skin And Leave It For 15 Minutes. Now Wash Your Face With Fresh Water For A Clean And Brighter Looking Skin. For Best Results Repeat The Process Twice A Day, One In The Morning And Second Before Going To Sleep.

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Caboki Hair Building Fibers in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Caboki Hair Building Fibers in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985 

Price 1,500

Caboki Is A Breakthrough Product For Hair Loss Sufferers That Instantly Eliminates Bald Spots Or Appearance Of Thinning Hair. Gives You A Perfectly Natural Look. No One Will Know You'are Using Caboki Hair Fiber Unless You Tell Them. Even If They Get A Close Up View, Outdoor, Under Bright Sun Light. Last All Day, All Night, Through Wind, Rain And Sweat. Will Not Smear Or Stain Your Skin Or Clothing. Works For Both Men And Women. 
Unlike Ordinary Products On The Mass Market, Caboki Hair Fiber Is A Professional Grade Product: Made Of Natural Fibers From Plants, Safe Even For Sensitive Scalp. Bonds To Hair More Securely, Does Not Require Specially-made Spray To Glue Fibers To Your Hair. Free Of Animal Ingredients, Synthetic Dyes, Fillers And Preservatives. When You Sprinkle Caboki Hair Fiber Into A Thinning Area Of Your Hair, The Fibers Automatically Cling To Your
Hair Like Millions Of Tiny Magnets. Each Thin Wisp Of Your Hair Instantly Becomes Thicker
And Fuller, Eliminating Those Embarrassing Thinning Areas.
Caboki Hair Fiber Now In Pakistan.
Caboki Hair Fiber Have No Side Effects.
No More Flashes Of Shiny Scalp Showing Through Where There Should Only Be Caboki Hair!

How To Use Caboki Hair Fiber?

For Best Results, Shampoo And Dry Your With A Blow Dryer Or Let It Air-dry Completely. Style Your Hair As Usual. Don't Use Hair Gel Or Hair Spray Before The Applications. 
Hold The Bottle Above The Thinning Area And Tilt It At About 45 Degree, Gently Shake Or Tap The Bottle With Fingers To Dispense Fibers Onto The Thinning Area. 
Demo You Can Adjust The Tilt To Increase Or Decrease The Amount Of Fibers Coming Out Of The Bottle. 
Start From The Back Of Your Head And Work Your Way To The Front. Slowly Build Up To A More Natural Coverage By Repeating The Application A Few Times Till Desired Result. Very Gently Pat Your Hair In Between Applications To Settle The Fibers. 
Demo To Apply Caboki On The Frontal Area, Place Your Hand Under The Hairline To Keep Fibers From Getting Onto Face And Eyes. 
After The Application, Spray A Few Shots Of Hairspray. 
It Takes Practice To Achieve The Best Results. If You Initially Find It A Challenge, Don't Worry, You Will Get Better At It After A Few Uses.

Caboki Is A Breakthrough Product For Hair Loss Sufferers That

Instantly Eliminates Bald Spots Or Appearance Of Thinning Hair.
Gives You A Perfectly Natural Look. No One Will Know You Are Using Caboki Unless You Tell Them €“ Even If They Get A Close Up View, Outdoor, Under Bright Sun Light.
Last All Day, All Night, Through Wind, Rain And Sweat.
Will Not Smear Or Stain Your Skin Or Clothing.
Works For Both Men And Women.

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Vigueur Capsule in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Vigueur Capsules in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985 

Price 4,500

Green World Vigueur Power Capsule For Real Men

Vig Power Price in Pakistan : Solution To Weak Erection And Quick Ejaculation In Men
Most Men Think That When It Comes To Sex, Big Penis And Body Size Are The Main Thing. But Truth Is Women Want A Man That Can Rock Their Boat Long Enough To Get Them To Their Climax. But Painfully, Some Men Can't Get Them To That Stage. The Good News Is That There Is A Proven Solution To This Problem And Can Be Found Below:

Vig Power Capsule Review Accross Various Users Have Revealed The Potency And Safety Of This Herbal Supplement In Helping Men Out Of Sexual Dyfunction Issues In Area Of Weak Erection And Quick Ejaculation.

Eight Things Vigo Power Capsule Will Do For You:

✔ Increase Sexual Ability
✔ Increases Sperm Count
✔ Improves Sperm Motility
✔ Increases Sexual Desire
✔ Stop Premature Ejaculation
✔ Increases Sperm Quality
✔ Stop Watery Sperm
✔ Sustains Erection


✔ Chinese Yam
✔ Fruit Of Chinese Wolfberry
✔ Radix Rehmaniae Praeparata
✔ Semen Cuscutae
✔ Tree Peony Bark.

The Main Effect Of Semen Cuscutae Is To Replenish The Kidney Essence And Support Healthy Sexual And Reproductive System, So That A Person Can Get Enough Sexual Power For Sexual Activities.fructus Lycii Prolongs The Time Of Ejaculation And Improves Satisfaction To Both The Partners. It Improve Vitality And Sense Of Well-being In Men. Radix Rehmanniae Preparata- Improves Fatigue Resistance And Enhances Kidney Function When It Interacts With Other Male Is Beneficial For Spermatorrhea And Premature Ejaculation,which Are Common Problems In Men. Cortex Moutan-cortex Moutan Improves Microcirculation And Dissipates Blood Stasis Thus Improves The Blood Circulation Into Cavernous Body Of Penis.

Characteristics And Benefits

✔ Green World Vigpower Capsule Conserves The Vital Power And Strengthens The Sexual Ability Through Replenishing Kidney
✔ Green World Vigpower Capsule Increase Sperm Count And Improve Motility
✔ Increase Sexual Desire Of Men, Enhances The Oxygen Content In Blood Which Helps In Penis Erection For Normal Sexual Performance
✔ Green World Vigpower Capsule Helps With Sexual Dysfunctions Such As Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction Or Frequent Spermatorrhea.

Suitable For:

✔ Men Intend To Improve Sexuality
✔ Men With Sexual Dysfunction Such As Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction Or Frequent Spermatorrtea.

Vig Power Side Effects :

No Side Effect Is 100% Safe.

Content: 6 Capsules

Dosage:  1 To 2 Capsule A Week

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Extra Hard Herbal Oil in Pakistan - 03007986985 -

Extra Hard Herbal Oil in Pakistan , Lahore , Islamabad, Karachi - 03007986985

Price 3,000

Extra Hard Herbal  Oil

100% Natural Ingredients

This Precise Blending Of Herbs Form A Powerfully Effective Combination Guaranteed To Stimulate Sexual Activity, Maintain A Firm Erection And Increase Sexual Pleasure. While The Benefits Of All Of The Ingredients Have Been Known For Centuries.

Usage: Apply 3 To 5 Drops And Softly Massage The Veins For 3 To 4 Minutes Leaving The Head And Lower Side, Once A Day. Allow To Stay It For 3 To 4 Hours.


Do Not Exceed The Recommended Dose.

Store In A Cool And Dry Place.

Protect From Heat, Light And Moisture.

Side Effects: No Known Side Effects Are At The Therapeutic Dose. No Known Interactions With Any Other Herbal Dietary Supplement Or Drug.
Results: May Vary Person To Person.

What Extra Hard Herbal Oil Does?

Extra Hard Herbal Oil Is The Best Natural Solution To Encounter Male Problems.

Support Stamina And Sex Drive By Improving Blood Circulation.
Give Harder Erections And Strength.
Increase Length, Size And Potential Of The Organ.
Increase Blood Circulation To The Genital Tissues.
Moisturize And Tonify The Skin Of The Organ.
Enhance Sexual Energy And Self Confidence.

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